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Click'n Tile and Click Deco on the Dé blog!

We are delighted to share excellent news with you: Click Deco and our flagship product, Click'n Tile, were recently cited in the inspiring blog of . This recognition highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of our innovative solution for kitchen backsplashes.

A Kitchen Backsplash Without Compromise

In the blog, Stephanie tells us about two simple methods for installing a kitchen backsplash without the need for special skills or complex tools. It particularly highlights the first method, featuring our product Click'n Tile , a new product in Quebec which comes from Denmark.

Click'n Tile offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional backsplash installation. Our innovative product allows you to change the look of your backsplash as often as you want, without the need for specialized tools or professional installers. The ease of installation, combined with the variety of colors and eco-friendly aspect of recyclable plastic tiles, makes them an ideal solution for those looking to personalize their kitchen without the usual hassle.

Next Step: Ease

In addition to its incredible design, it is its ease of installation without generating the slightest dust that makes us UNIQUE!. Unlike traditional methods which often involve the use of tile cutters, wet saws or grinders, Click'n Tile eliminates this hassle. Installation is a breeze, almost reminiscent of assembling Lego for adults . The tiles simply attach with a click mechanism, eliminating the need for tile adhesives and thus minimizing dust generation. This feature not only simplifies the process, but also creates a clean and accessible installation experience for everyone, even those who don't consider themselves DIY experts.

We would like to warmly thank and Stéphanie for this magnificent blog and to all our customers for their continued support. If you would like to learn more about Click'n Tile, feel free to explore our site and contact our team with any questions.

Transform your kitchen with Click'n Tile - Simple, Ecological, Revolutionary!

Here is the blog in question: CLICK HERE


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